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Poemish of the Wildland




Poemish of the Wildland is an anthology of poems written during an eco-poetry course, Changing Everything Carefully,* at Knepp Wildland, led by the collaborative partnership, kin’d & kin’d, in the summer of 2019.  Over six weeks, the poets worked experimentally, inside and outside, to apprehend and embody in their writing the beauty and ethos of Knepp.


Kay Syrad & Clare Whistler


* e.e. cummings




In Poemish of the Wildland we haven’t attributed the poems – considering that the eco-context and the collective experience each week produced the poems as much as, or perhaps more than, individual experience.



Jane Buckler

Lola Bunbury-Davies

Catherine Craig

Richard Ings

Kim Lasky

Ruth Lawrence

Karen Smith








First published in 2019 by Elephant Press


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Cover image Ragwort at Knepp, by Clare Whistler


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