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Poemish and Other Languages brings together the writing of a group of people attending kin'd & kin'd – Kay Syrad and Clare Whistler's eco-poetics course, ‘Changing Everything Carefully’ at ONCA Gallery, Brighton in the autumn of 2018.


There are many definitions of the term ‘eco-poetics’: we have been influenced by Donna Haraway’s Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene, in which she emphasises – at this time of potential ecological catastrophe – the urgent need for sym-poeisis, or ‘making-with’ other species. We particularly wanted the writing on this course to try privileging the non-human over the human, and to see, in Jonathan Skinner’s words, ‘how poetic experimentation [can extend] a more reciprocal relation to [otherness] –  ecopoetics as a “po-ethics”.




Kay Syrad

Clare Whistler

Patrick Crawford

John Davies

Lola Bunbury-Davies

Elona Hoover

Béatrice Lajous

Ruth Lawrence

Jade Mars

Kate Monson

Persephone Pearl

Jennifer Shepherd

Karen Smith

Ruby Taylor




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