Water Spider


Kim Lasky

Dive, diving at ditch edge

through featherfoil and dropwort


eight-legged swimmer,

quicksilver glimmer


of air-pocket hairs,

mercury wet.


Silk-spun underwater

hollow stem to hollow stem


air-bubble breath

of oxygen web.


Carbon, nitrogen.

Gaseous exchange.


Bell-jar for prey:

night-hunted shrimp,


phantom midge,

water-mites, stickleback.


Dive, diving spider

courtship swims,


tunnels the gill-web

of a silver mate,


makes water-pocket eggs,





Collapsing web.



quick, quick, surfacing



eight-legging quick


up to ditch edge, featherfoil,

dropwort, oxygen.





Water Spider


Kim Lasky



Elephant Press 2020